Talks Programme

The 2016- 2017 programme

September 16
The natural world in art – A talk by Kittie Jones
Kittie is a diverse artist who takes her inspiration from the natural world. This wide ranging talk will cover all aspects of her practise of gathering information in the field to transforming the fieldwork into studio drawings and prints. Examples of her sketchbooks and drawings will be available to view on the evening.

October 14
The world of Abstract forms and shapes – A talk from Peter Flynn 
Peter was a teacher and now works on his own, specialising in abstract painting. Tonight he will demonstrate how to deal with forms that inspire, and illustrate this in his own work which, he will bring with him to let us view the finished article.

November 18
Scotland through the camera lens – Photographer Gerry McGirr will show and discuss his work
One of Peter’s loves in his world of photography, is the landscape of Scotland, with a special place for Munros, which he captures with his expertise of photography. This evening will be a grand tour of our beautiful and rugged scenery.

December 16
A Winter’s Tale – Sylvia Troon is a puppeteer

On this winters evening, Sylvia is going to entertain us with mystical and amazing tales of winter and all its legends, with puppet characters full of mischief and wonder. Come and celebrate the season of Christmas.


January 20
Cloud Nine A demonstration of oil painting by Kate Cunningham
Kate is an artist who finds her inspiration from the skies above. She is going to introduce us to the skills and techniques used to capture fleeting moments of clouds in all their forms, from cumulus to those high Sirius feather-like forms that move across the skies. Her work has recently been commissioned by a whisky company to represent their very special product!!

February 17
How to Restore a Masterpiece – Egan, Matthews & Rose

This company, who deal with conservation and restoration of paintings, are going to give a talk about this fascinating field of work. With a growing interest in this mixture of science and art, this evening should prove both educational and fun.

March 17
Painting out of doors – A talk by artist Jim Dunbar
 To paint from nature out in the elements often remains a slightly unknown and scary proposition. Tonight Jim will let us into the skills and techniques required to draw and paint out in the open air so that we all may be encouraged to pack up our paints and head for the hills .

April 14
Wildlife captured on canvas – Demonstration/talk from Derek Robertson 

Derek Robertson is an internationally acclaimed prize-winning artist, best known for his depictions of wildlife. He will show the process of thinking, drawing and the composition of a moving subject.

May 12 Oil painting – a demonstration by artist Marion Corral Paterson
The effects of colour and form of the sky will be demonstrated by Marion, who will also show us how to ‘work up’ an individual painting. Original work will be on show to let us see a finished example of her individual style and techniques.