Talks Programme


September 22 History of realistic art – A talk by Edinburgh Academy of Realist Art.
Lea, who is a Lecturer at the Academy, is going to give a talk on the traditions of composition in its true forms within drawing and painting.

October 13 My Life in Art – A talk by Dorothy Walker.

This evening’s talk will concentrate on her work in textiles and how it has merged with her expressive painting style. Although two distinctly contrasting sources, the two overlap beautifully and Dorothy will bring practical examples to show us.

 November 17 The Good, the Bad and … the Rest – A talk by photographer Dougie Nicolson.

Dougie began in the photo lab with DC Thomson in 1980. From black and white to colour, capturing major events including the British Grand Prix, football battles and exciting portraits of famous faces. Come and listen to Dougie as he takes us through a job seen through the lens!

 December 15 Statues or Sculpture – A talk by David Annand.

As a professional sculpture, David Annand will give a talk about his personal inspirations which have led to the design and construction of amazing pieces of work which are on show all around us!


 January 19 Philately – Leisure, Pleasure and Discovery – A talk by Charles Lloyd.

The adhesive postage stamp was created for a purpose and, fortunately, design and appearance were considered as important. The history of the stamp is fascinating and the recent Turner Prize winner was inspired by ‘a stamp’. The stamp, as an art form, travels the globe daily and Charles will open this very specialist topic and let us into its secrets.

 February 16 Everything in black and white – A demonstration by Graham Wands.

Graham Wands is an artist who works in many mediums, with a wonderful attention to detail. He is going to give a demonstration in charcoal and show how this particular medium, in the hands of an expert, creates beautiful finished works in black and white.

 March 16 Cancelled

April 13  A talk by Jock Ferguson.

An evening of auditory and visual entertainment will be given by Jock Ferguson. His work involves the two-dimensional medium of ‘the movie’ and the three dimensions of his own work – for one night only! (Not to be missed)

 May 11 A course in Photography – A talk by Mark Alexander

Award-winning photographer, Mark Alexander, travels the world capturing the beauty of golf’s most iconic courses. His talk will let light, and entertainment, into the world of the perfect photograph, in one!