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Marian Antram 

I began painting later in life when I gave up work. I joined the CACE (Carse Association of Continuing Education) art group and subsequently Dundee Art Society where I attend the life drawing group. I attempt to produce paintings that are somewhat enigmatic, usually involving figures in a landscape, and birds.


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Ken Bambury 

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Ken Bushe 

I'm a landscape painter living and working in Broughty Ferry.
My aim is to interpret the outdoor environment in whatever way suggests itself when I am present in it. My starting point is always the actual scene at a specific time and my work is based on direct observation.
I have a particular interest in painting the sky.  




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Ron Caird 

My main interest is the Scottish landscape, but I also like to depict some Spanish aspects. Although I mainly prepare pictures for exhibiting at various art exhibitions, I am happy to accept commissions when requested.


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Barbara Hunter 

I try to reflect my love of the Scottish landscape in my paintings. The ever changing weather and colours of the year in the sky and in the scenery hold endless appeal for me.
I am originally from Edinburgh where I attended University. I now live in Perthshire. I enjoy drawing and painting in various media, but I particularly like to work in oils.


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Elizabeth Drysdale Kay 

‘Liz’ for many years was employed as a graphic artist in Scotland and Canada. Born and raised in Toronto, she took Commercial Art at secondary school. This was further enhanced by 3 years study at Toronto’s Central Tech. Here she had tutorage from notable Canadian artists such as Audrey Garwood and Doris McCarthy who was directly influenced by the Group of Seven. This has also stimulated Liz’s love of the great outdoors and reflects in current work.


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Jim Kelly 

Jim's website here


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Gill Low 

I was sent to Grays school of Art aged nine- Saturday morning art classes . and have been drawing and painting ever since. I attained my degree in Fine Art in 1984.

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Frances McDonnell 

With art an ever expanding pleasure since giving up the ‘day job’, the subjects I most enjoy painting are portraiture and still life - always attempting to make these look painterly rather than photographic.


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Johanne Phillips 



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Tina Scopa 

TINA SCOPA Student Member

Tina's website 
Tina  featured artist of the month on the ArtPlantae website
Tina featured on the the James Hutton Institute Living Field website .
SSA website as a student member  (

I am a student member of the Dundee Art Society and will soon begin my final year of the Contemporary Art Practice degree at DJCAD. I use my art practice to explore and question the world around me and have a particular focus on the natural world. I have always been interested in wild plants and weeds and remember being fascinated by the names, birds-foot-trefoil, and devil’s-bit scabious that I discovered in a wild flower book that my gran gave me as a child.

I’ve come into art later in life after following a career as a fermentation scientist/biochemical engineer. However, recently finding an old photo of my room in an old halls of residence on the Arbroath Road (Mayfield) I can see now that I have always been a creative and my room looked liked that of an art student. I was even drawing then! That is a surprise to me now as I don’t particularly like drawing. Yet it is this resistance to drawing that has borne my work in plant printing where I have developed several techniques whereby the plants ‘draw’ themselves. I call these The Pigment Print, The Graphite Print, and The Ink Print. There is also an earlier Pastel Print that I produced while studying on the General Foundation course at Leith School of Art but I have as yet been unable to reproduce this technique.

I also work with soil/earth and on discovering the term, ‘edaphic’ while attending a short soil science course I now call my work, “Edaphic Plant Art’.
Photography, ceramics, laser cutting, and small sculptural works are also part of my practice.


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Frank Steven 

Frank worked in the art department of a large publishing company for almost forty years: graphic art,  design and studio photography for various newspapers, magazines, comics and novel covers.

Retired, Frank still likes to draw, paint and take photographs.


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